Compare Machines

Combo Snack/Drink (compact)

Pros: Holds both snack and drinks in a compact space. Drinks can vary in sizes.

Cons: Somewhat limited item selection. Selections could run out quickly at a very busy location.
All-In-One Drink/Snack/Entree 

Pros: Good selection. Holds a lot of product including entrees.  Good for busy or multi-shift locations.

Cons: Takes up a little more real estate than a typical machine.
  All Snack


All Drink

 Gumball and candy

Pros: Very compact. Can fit anywhere. Fully mechanical. No need for a power outlet.

Cons: Selection limited to small toys, gumballs, and handfuls of candy.
  Separate Soda & Snack option

Pros: Holds the most product. Great for very busy or multi-shift locations.

Cons: Takes up more floor space. 

Pros: Huge variety. No jams. Multiple payment options.

Cons: Not suitable for small locations.

 Refrigerated glass-front